We use the Active online race entry system for all our races. Your data is held securely and, once you've registered with Active, it's simple to enter future events. 
Just click on the relevant image below to be taken to the Active site. 
Entries are now closed 

Transfers and Refunds 

It is possible to transfer your existing entry to another person using your Active account. A charge of £5 is levied for this service. Person A must request a transfer within Active and then invite Person B to participate using the link provided. Person B makes payment and enters the event. At this point Person A gets a refund less the £5. 
Refunds are available until two weeks prior to the relevant event. The amount refunded will be the entry fee less £15. To request a refund, drop us an email using the Contact page using Refund - name of event as your subject line. Once requested, we will instruct Active to refund the appropriate amount. 
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