Event Details

4-Week Series on Saturdays @ 11-12pm EST (starting 10/29)

Led by our special guest facilitators & partner organization Seek Healing, we present a new type of peer-driven support meeting.

“Connection Practice” is a place to come for an in-the-moment experience of connection, community and belonging. No conversation topic is off limits, including anything related to addiction or mental health, and the only objective of the meeting is for participants to feel a genuine sense of connection with each other.  Register on our website.

  • Every meeting: varied and meaningful experiences of human connection
  • Learn and practice skills for building healthy relationships and having meaningful conversations
  • Active participation in deconstructing shame and stigma
  • Empathy, non-judgment, active listening, + dynamic power sharing techniques
  • Harm reduction focus. All topics welcome, and there is no external reporting re: suicidality or mental health
  • All welcome: those struggling addiction/trauma/mental health + those who are not. Diverse groups support collective healing outcomes. 
  • Professionally facilitated by non-clinical staff
  • Unique community mental health model for healing collective trauma


Manuela Stanica is an embodiment coach and facilitator for Authentic Relating and Leadership as a path to personal and organizational transformation.

Manuela has been leading transformational projects for teams and organizations for the past 15 years, while also assisting international communities in learning creative ways to embrace complex human relationships. She currently facilitates connection programs for and collaborates with authentic leadership pioneers worldwide. She has been training and co-facilitating with ART International, AuthRev, HeartIQ and TEPP (The Embodied Present Process).