Learning to let go and put your life in someone’s hands isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Rock and ice climbing are the ultimate adrenaline sports, generating a mental clarity and focus that’s unlike any other pursuit. Whether you’re a long-time climber or just starting out, it’s a great social activity that can lead to trusting friendships.


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Experience the thrill and challenge of climbing – in a safe, supportive community that has your back.


Meet Sean Cahill

I found Phoenix in July of 2008, while in Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Louisville, Colorado. It was a huge draw for me to get into a sober, active community as I had been an athlete earlier in life before I lost that to substance use disorder. Phoenix, along with therapy, has been the most important part of my recovery. It has given me a community of people that understand what I have been through, and a place to be able to give back to those that need and want it. Certs – NOLS WFR (Wilderness First Responder), AMGA (American Mountain Guides) Apprentice Rock Guide, AMGA SPI (Single Pitch Instructor), AMGA CWI (Climbing Wall Instructor), CWA (Climbing Wall Association) CWI Instructor and Provider