We offer mountain bike events for riders from first-timers to advanced. Just bring your own bike or use one of our loaners. For beginner clinics, little technical ability or endurance is necessary. All of our outdoor instructors are trained as Wilderness First Responders, so you can feel safe out there.


Find a mountain biking event

Let’s ride! Check the calendar for an event near you and get out there. Way out there.


Meet Laurel Shrum

I got sober when I came to Colorado several years ago. What helped me get sober was realizing my passion for the outdoors and how impactful it can be in peoples lives. When I found The Phoenix it was exactly what I was looking for. A place that’s focused on helping people in recovery by doing activities like rock climbing and mountain biking. I’m passionate about what I do because I know having a community like The Phoenix and being able to enjoy outdoor activities with friends is what helped me get sober and change my life.