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This year's Murph Prep community challenge is a great way to prepare for the Murph Memorial Day workout, connect with Team Members from across the nation, and honor the sacrifices of the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. 

Traditionally on Memorial Day, The Phoenix takes part in a workout known as Murph. We do so in order to honor the ultimate sacrifice made by Navy Seal Lt. Michael P. Murphy on June 28, 2005, during Operation Red Wings. On that day, in the mountains near Asadabad, Afghanistan, Lt. Murphy gave his life so that members of his team might keep their own. When we honor him with the Murph workout, we are also recognizing that together we are much stronger than we are alone.

The workout is difficult, taking part in it not only allows us to connect with other humans but is also a testament to our ability to take on and overcome challenges. Like any other difficult task, a great way to do that is to prepare and break the challenge into manageable chunks.

Our prep program is designed to do exactly that. The program contains 2 workouts a week for 4 weeks, leading up to Memorial Day. There are 3 different versions of the programming that will prepare Team Members for a traditional, ½ or ¼ version of Murph. These workouts can all be done at home with no equipment and are scalable to all levels of fitness. The programming is progressive and can either be used to supplement other training or as a stand-alone routine. We will be releasing videos to explain movements and options so that all participants are comfortable with and confident going into Memorial Day.

We will be offering live streamed Murph programming that you can sign up for on our website. In addition, many of our local chapters will be hosting in-person events. Visit our live stream calendar for more information and to sign up.

Join the Murph Community Challenge Facebook Group to access workout resources, share your progress, and connect with other challenge participants.

Share your challenge journey using #PhoenixMurph21 and tagging us at @thephoenix on Facebook and @riserecoverlive on Instagram.