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The Phoenix Music Challenge is a new and exciting way to connect with your peers through sharing music. For hundreds of years, music has been used to form community and express ideas. In the month of July, we will continue that tradition!  

To start, join the Music Community Challenge Facebook Group!

Each Monday starting July 5th, The Phoenix will post a prompt in the Facebook Group, presenting the week’s topic:

Week 1:  What is your favorite road trip song?

Week 2: What is your favorite instrumental track?

Week 3: What song reminds you of your home?

Week 4: What is your favorite pump-up track?

Once the weekly prompt is posted, we’ll ask you to share your favorite song(s) for that week’s theme.

Every Friday of the challenge, The Phoenix will post a playlist created by staff dedicated to the week’s topic.

At the end of the month, The Phoenix will post a final staff playlist as well as a playlist made up of the songs shared by participants! 

These playlists will be available on The Phoenix’s Spotify for you to enjoy throughout the month… and beyond!

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