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Community Challenge & Commemoration

September 11, 2021 marks 20 years since the 2001 attacks that changed our lives forever. In this challenge, The Phoenix will come together as a community to honor first responders who heroically risked or lost their lives two decades ago, and to remember all lives lost or forever changed.

To participate in this community challenge, please first register for the challenge here on our website, and join our Challenge Facebook Group.  Between 9/1 and 9/11, you are invited to complete a 9.11K (about 5 and a half miles) in any way you feel called to do so: run, walk, bike, ruck, etc.

Feel free to split up the distance between days, within a team, or even just cheer on your peers in the Facebook Group. Post photos and encouraging words in the group as we complete our challenge across the country. You are welcome to dedicate your own activity to a person or group of people that feels meaningful to you.

Many local chapters are also holding events on Saturday, 9/11.  We encourage you to join both this national commemoration as well as your local event.  You can find local events here.

On Saturday, 9/11 at 8:46 am, we will post a reminder in the challenge Facebook Group and participate in the national moment of silence, which you are welcome to observe as well.

Thank you for helping us to honor this anniversary as a community, and to pay our deepest respects to the heroes of that day, who will never be forgotten.