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Led by Acyutananda Das

The Phoenix is honored to host this 4-week workshop led by special guest teacher, Acyutananda Das.

Gokul Vinyasa is a holistic and challenging method of yoga Asana (physical practice). Postures are composed and sequenced according to physical and energetic principles of alignment. The asanas (poses), and movement between them are maintained through a technical method of bandha (energetic lock) engagement. A selection of variations on the poses are given to accommodate practitioners of all levels.

All levels are welcome, and we ask that you come with compassion for self as you explore this advanced practice. Honor your own body when you decide which postures to practice, and when to give yourself time to rest.

Each class is followed by an internal yoga practice such as Dharana (mental focus on one object), Pranayama (breathing exercise), meditation or sense control practice.

We hope you can join us live, but even registrants who cannot attend will receive recordings of the workshop. You’ll need to register for each week individually, but we hope you join us for all four to get the full benefit of this rich practice.

Register for each week using the links below:


About Acyutananda Das (Adam Sobel):

I started practicing yoga in 2001 with Sri Dharma Mittra when my daughter was born.  I stayed under his guidance, practicing and taking teacher trainings for 16 years.  During that time, I also traveled to Mysore, India several times to study and practice Astanga yoga under the guidance of Pattabhi and Saraswati Jois.  Since then, I have been studying exclusively with Mahayogi Gokulacandra Das, who teaches a technical approach to yoga, pranayama, dharana, and mediation which has been passed down through discipline succession.  I have also studied sanskrit with Professor Edwin Bryant, which I took up in order to directly read and translate scriptures on yoga. When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga, I am usually running a vegan restaurant/food truck thingy called The Cinnamon Snail.  I also have a book out about vegan cooking called “Street Vegan”.