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In the New Year, let’s challenge ourselves to do more of what helps us to Rise, Recover and Live!  To participate, simply do at least one thing per day that you can be proud of for 30 days, beginning on January 10th.

What is considered a “Healthy* Habit?”

If you want to commit toward one particular goal or activity, you might focus on the same thing every day- like taking a Phoenix class, celebrating another day sober, going for a walk, or meditating for 5 minutes.

*Healthy does not always mean physical.  Think of calling a friend, writing in a journal, or cleaning your space!

If you are simply trying to adopt a healthier overall life in both mind and body, you can change it up daily!  This challenge will include a downloadable chart to help you track and celebrate your healthy habits.

How do I get started?

To start, register for the challenge using the button above.  You’ll be prompted to download a shareable graphic to fill out every day with a word, a checkmark, or an emoji/gif.  You can share your updated graphic with others in the Healthy Habits Challenge group in the Phoenix App, and/or on your social media, tagging @riserecoverlive and #phoenixhealthyhabits.

Join us in the app to cheer each other on, and to celebrate every step in the direction of the happiest, healthiest you!