Event Details

Tuesday, February 15th at 7 pm EST

Join us for a very special evening with best-selling author, Samantha Perkins!  

Samantha Perkins is the best-selling author of Alive AF-One Anxious Mom’s Journey to Becoming Alcohol Free.  Samantha uses her book and her blog (Alive AF) to highlight the role that alcohol plays aside from addiction.  Samantha found that, although she was not clinically addicted and had no “rock bottom,” alcohol was having a substantial impact on her happiness, contentment, and overall anxiety. Samantha speaks openly about her journey to help others discover the role that alcohol plays in mental health, physical health, parenting, stress, and more.


During this event, Samantha will be sharing how her story has helped her stay alcohol-free, and what the journey of authoring a book and going public with her sobriety story has taught her. As a mom who identifies with being more of a “grey area” drinker rather than falling into full-blown addiction, Samantha offers us a unique perspective for those in recovery, their allies, and those contemplating the idea of taking alcohol out of their lives. She will speak to how and why writing is such a powerful method for her healing, offer accessible tools to begin your own writing journey and some outcomes she has experienced from sharing so publicly.


When you register for this workshop, you will receive a link to a FREE downloadable chapter from her book. Can’t attend live? No problem! We will be recording this event and sending the recording out to everyone who has registered. If you have ever considered sharing your own story if writing a book or journaling are on your bucket list, if you are a mom in sobriety, if you are wondering if you should remove alcohol from your life, or if you are looking for your next great read, this event will have something for you!