Event Details

Saturday, April 2nd @ 12:30 PM EST

In this 60-minute event, Phoenix Virtual Instructors Austin, Melissa, and Michael share the role that fitness plays in their recovery.

Enjoy an energizing combination of storytelling and short workouts, broken up throughout the hour. Workouts will be a selection of the instructors’ favorite movements that hold significance to their sobriety.

You can join every mini-workout, or just come for the discussion and observe (no pressure & no judgment zone!). No matter what your personal fitness and recovery journey looks like, join us to hear about the impact of movement while navigating recovery from these awesome instructors.

Meet our Event Leaders!

Austin Marquez

Austin Marquez has been a member of The Phoenix since day one of his recovery journey. Movement has always been a huge part of his life, as he is a professional dancer and performer. Fitness has been a major part of Austin’s recovery journey as a form of releasing and finding community. He has been a dance instructor for over 6 years and a fitness instructor for 4 in New York City, specializing in stretch movement and cardio. Austin believes that movement brings people together and it is his intention to use movement not only to help people reconnect with their bodies but to connect with others as well.

Melissa De Stefano

Melissa De Stefano is a certified personal trainer and person in recovery. Melissa started working out a year into her sobriety journey to help her get out of a funk. Since then, fitness has changed her life. Melissa got her certification as a personal trainer to help others learn about the powerful tool of working out in recovery. One of Melissa’s sayings is, “motion fixes emotion;” not only has working out helped her navigate hard times, but it also has helped her become the person she is today!

Michael Underhill

Michael Underhill is a CrossFit coach, actor, and person in recovery. He found The Phoenix shortly after his decision to be sober, and it completely changed his point of view. Michael had no positive examples of sobriety in his life, and it felt like a punishment – a life without. When he started coming to The Phoenix, he was introduced to a community of fellow newcomers to recovery, those who were in long-term recovery, and supporters of others in recovery… and they were all so happy to be there and working out together. Michael began to associate his physical accomplishments and positive feelings about workouts with his sobriety, which changed how he viewed what it meant to be sober. He began sharing his story with others when he had previously tried to keep it a secret. He would share, “I just set a new personal best on my deadlift….I did toes to bar for the very first time…..I’m six months sober!!!” Michael is proud to wear “SOBER” written across his chest, and represent The Phoenix and its mission wherever he goes.