Event Details

Sunday, May 22nd from 12-1:30pm EST

Communicating in sign is an important skill for all people, as it builds community and trust between people with language differences.

ASL (American Sign Language) can unite those who can hear with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is especially important during these times when mask-wearing can impede lip reading. Join Phoenix staff Kelsey and Austin for an afternoon of fun and community as we learn fingerspelling and basic ASL communication skills. Absolutely NO sign language experience required!

Meet your Instructors! 

Kelsey Dovico is a senior program coordinator for Phoenix Detroit, virtual instructor of meditation, belly dance, and yoga, and a student of American Sign Language. She values the ASL teachings that have empowered her to have positive social exchanges with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Through further study, she hopes to become and advanced signer and to build bridges of mutuality across the hearing and deaf communities.

Austin Marquez has been a member of The Phoenix since day one of his sober journey. He started studying ASL at the age of 16 and had the privilege of being immersed within the deaf community around the same time. Sign language aside from being a wonderful language is also a beautiful form of movement. Movement has always been a huge part of Austin’s life, as a professional dancer and performer. He has been a dance instructor for over six years and a fitness instructor for four in New York City specializing in stretch movement and cardio. Austin believes that movement brings people together and it is his intention to use movement not only as a way to reconnect with our bodies but to connect with others as well. He is excited to have the opportunity to teach the basics of sign and play a part in bridging the gap between the hearing and non-hearing community.

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