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May is Mental Health Awareness month! Taking care of one's mental health is essential, and meditation gives us the opportunity to be present with ourselves.

Meditation can be a great tool for those of us in recovery. For many people, it can create space to pause before reacting, navigate cravings and work toward restoring balance in the body and mind.

Throughout the month of May, you are invited to explore different meditation practices and teachers on The Phoenix Virtual Platform. You choose your own adventure in this challenge, with opportunities to connect with your meditation practice in a variety of ways: in live stream classes, on demand classes, on the Phoenix app’s meditation group, and within your own self-guided practice. We invite you to challenge yourself! Try a guided meditation with each of our meditation instructors and consider journaling after your experience to explore how the meditation felt for you!

How to participate:

1. Download your Bingo Board

2. Track progress on your bingo board either on your phone or by printing it out.

3. Each day of the challenge, share your intention, a photo, or an expressive emoji in the meditation group.

4. Anyone who fills their bingo board OR posts daily in the app will be gifted Phoenix swag*!

We hope this challenge gives you some new tools to care for your mental health and look forward to seeing your practices.

*Must be registered for the challenge to win, so be sure to click that “register now” button!

Not sure how to fill out your bingo board from your phone and share on The Phoenix app? Check out a tutorial here.