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6-week series (starting 9/21) from 8:15-9am EST

Join Kristen and Molly for a six-week series that consists of gentle stretching and low-intensity yoga, guided meditation, and lessons in personal growth, spirituality and the power of the mind. Each AWAKEN session will leave you feeling energized and inspired to own your day!

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Meet our guest instructors!

Kristen Koeller

Kristen discovered the power of a morning routine after struggling with her body image, anxiety and depression for 20 years.

After implementing a consistent morning routine comprised of the techniques taught in AWAKEN, Kristen discovered self-confidence, healed her relationship with food and her body, and discovered passion, purpose and peace to manage the struggle of anxiety and depression.

Kristen is passionate about helping others discover the power they have over their thoughts, actions and life by implementing a powerful morning routine.

Molly McGee

Molly spent seven weeks in the hospital after an addiction to alcohol resulted in a near death experience from stage four kidney and liver failure. She was left broken in every possible way. At 38 years old, Molly was faced with two choices…to live out the remainder of her life in an assisted living facility or try and put the pieces of her life back together.

At that pivotal moment, she made a decision to do whatever it took to get her life back. She began studying and applying the methods and techniques that are now the core of the AWAKEN program. After experiencing a miraculous recovery, combined with her passion for helping people, she knew that she needed to share what she had learned with others.

Molly’s life now is undeniable proof that regardless of your circumstances, living your life with intention is the catalyst for growth and transformation. It all begins with a powerful morning routine.